Discontinued Product

This end-of-life page will include a complete list of all TRENDnet products that have been EOL. End-of-life (EOL) products are products where the production has ended. How does this affect our customers? If a product has been EOL, TRENDnet's free tech support will extend for one year from the purchase date. If you are still within the product warranty period and your product is EOL, it means that there may no longer be any inventory available, and an alternative model may be sent. To view our warranty policy, please visit: Product Warranty Policy
*This list is constantly being updated and subject to change without notice.
TE100-MP1UN V1.0R 1-Port Multi-Function Print Server 10/22/2020
TE100-MP2U 1.0 2-Port Multi-Function Print Server 12/1/2009
TE100-P11 1.0R 2-Port USB/Parallel Print Server 10/13/2011
TE100-P1P v3.0R 1-Port Parallel Print Server 5/3/2013
TE100-P1P 2.xR 1-Port Parallel Print Server 8/6/2012
TE100-P1P 1.0 10/100Mbps Mini Print Server with 1 Parallel Printer Port 9/11/2007
TE100-P1U v3.0R 1-Port Print Server 4/11/2013
TE100-P1U v2.xR 1-Port Print Server 8/6/2012
TE100-P1U 2 10/100Mbps USB 2.0 Print Server 9/11/2007
TE100-P1U 1.0 1-Port Print Server (1 USB) 9/11/2007
TE100-P21 v3.0R 3-Port Print Server 2/12/2013
TE100-P21 2.x 3-Port Print Server 1/25/2012
TE100-P21 1.0 10/100Mbps Multi-Port Print Server 2 USB 2.0 & 1 Parallel Printer Port 9/11/2007
TE100-P2U1P 1.0 10/100Mbps Print Server with 2 USB & 1 Parallel Printer Port 9/12/2007
TE100-PC16 1.0 10/100Mbps PCMCIA Ethernet Cards 9/12/2007
TE100-PC16R 1.0 10/100Mbps PCMCIA Ethernet Card withXpressPort 9/12/2007
TE100-PCBUS 1.0 10/100Mbps PCMCIA Ethernet Cards 10/22/2020
TE100-PCBUSR 2.xR 10/100Mbps PC Card 3/27/2012
TE100-PCBUSR 1.0 10/100Mbps PCMCIA 32-bit CardBus Ethernet Card with XpressPort 11/6/2007
TE100-PCI 1.0 ProXpress 100Mbps Ethernet Adapters 9/13/2007 TEG-10GECTX
(Version v3.0R)
TE100-PCIA 1.0 10/100Mbps PCI Fast Ethernet Card with ACPI Support 9/13/2007 TEG-10GECTX
(Version v3.0R)
TE100-PCIE 1.0 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet PCI Card 9/13/2007 TEG-10GECTX
(Version v3.0R)
TE100-PCIFX 1.0 100Base-FX Fast Ethernet Adapter for PCI 9/13/2007
TE100-PCIFXplus 1.0 100Base-FX SC Connector PCI Fast Ethernet Fiber Adapter 11/5/2007
TE100-PCIW 1.0 100Mbps Fast Ethernet PCI Card 9/13/2007 TEG-10GECTX
(Version v3.0R)