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Cut-Through and Store-and-Forward
What is the difference between "cut-through" and "store-and-forward" methods?
FAQ ID: 347 Product: SwitchesUpdated:2/4/2005 8:38:31 PM
The "cut-though" method begins forwarding a frame as soon as they read the destination address. This way, it helps to reduce the latency, or delay, for a forwarding operation. On the other hand, cut-through Switches pass bad frames along. The "store-and-forward" method uses cyclic redundancy check (CRC) field to verify that frames are well-formed; they discard runts (short frames typically disrupted by a collision) and jabbers (overly long frames sometimes caused by a defective NIC). Jabbers often look like broadcast frames, and can be cascaded all over the network if nothing is done to eliminate them.

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