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  1. Which category of Ethernet cable should I use for 2.5GBASE-T performance?
    You will need to be running Cat-5e or higher cabling for 2.5GBASE-T.
  2. Why Windows is showing that my computer’s network connection is 1.0 Gbps instead of 2.5 Gbps?
    TEG-S327’s 2.5Gbps ports are ports 6 & 7, while ports 1-5 is rated at 1.0 Gbps. Please check your network adapter's specification and make sure that it supports 2.5 Gbps. Also, check if your network cable is Cat-5e or higher....
  3. Is there an uplink port on the TEG-S327?
    All ports on the TEG-S327 support Auto-MDIX. All ports can be used as an uplink port.
  4. Can I share my Internet connection through the switch?
    To share an Internet connection you will need a Router. The TEG-S327 can be utilized to expand the available ports on your existing Router or network....
  5. Does the TEG-S327support jumbo frames?
    The TEG-S327 supports jumbo frames up to 15KB.
  6. How do I configure the TEG-S327?
    The TEG-S327 is a non-manageable Switch. It is not configurable.
  7. Why can I only get internet on one device with this switch?
    A switch cannot share an IP address provided by your ISP with multiple devices. You will need a router to share your Internet service with multiple devices. The switch can be used to expand the amount of available ports on your network....
  8. How do I login to this switch to configure it?
    This is an unmanaged switch. It does not have a management interface and is not configurable.
  9. Where would I find more detailed information on this switch?
    You can find detailed product specifications on our website under the Products section.
  10. What speeds are supported on the TEG-S327?
    The TEG-S327 has 5 x 1Gbps ports and 2 x 2.5Gbps ports. To take advantage of these port speeds you will need to connect them to devices that support the same specifications. For example, for gigabit speeds you will need to connect the gigabit ports to gigabit capable devices. For 2.5Gbps you will ne...
  11. Is the TEG-S327 rack mountable or wall mountable?
    The TEG-S327 is not rack mountable but is wall mountable.
  12. What category of cabling is required for the TEG-S327?
    The TEG-S327 is compatible with Cat5e or better cabling.