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  1. Where can I find more detailed information on the TEW-LB101?
    You can find detailed product specifications on our website under the Products section.
  2. How do I mount the TEW-LB101?
    The TEW-LB101 is a stand and can be placed on any horizontal surface. The base is also magnetic and allows mounting on metallic surfaces for vertical mounting options....
  3. Can I use only one antenna on an access point that has multiple antennas?
    You will need to use all antennas on the access point. This may require you to use multiple TEW-LB101 units....
  4. Which access points is the TEW-LB101 compatible with?
    You can use the TEW-LB101 with any access point using RP-SMA interfaces. The TEW-LB101 is intended to compliment the TI-WP100 and TI-W100 industrial routers. These industrial routers may be installed in protective housings that would block wireless signals. The TEW-LB101 allows the antennas to be po...