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  1. Where would I find the default management login information for this switch?
    You will find management login and default settings in the quick installation guide. Included with the switch is a hard copy of the quick installation guide. The quick installation guide is also available for download from the Support section of our website. The default IP address for the TL2-F7120 ...
  2. How do I reset the switch to factory default settings?
    The reset button on the TL2-F7120 is located on the front panel. You will need a small pin or paper clip to press it. Press and hold in the reset button for approximately 15 seconds while the power is on to reset the switch to factory default settings....
  3. Why can I only get internet on one device with this switch?
    A switch cannot share an IP address provided by your ISP with multiple devices. You will need a router to share your Internet service with multiple devices. The switch can be used to expand the amount of available ports on your network....
  4. Where would I find more detailed information on this switch?
    You can find detailed product specifications on our website under the Products section.
  5. Which SFP/SFP+ modules are supported on the TL2-F7120?
    1Gbps SFP / 10Gbps SFP+ modules (e.g. TEG-10GBSR, TEG-10GBS10, TEG-10GBS40, TEG-10GBRJ, TEG-MGBSX, TEG-MGBS10, TEG-MGBS20, TEG-MGBS40, TEG-MGBS10D3/D5, TEG-MGBS20D3/D5, TEG-MGBS40D3/D5, TEG-MGBRJ) with appropriate cabling....
  6. Does the TL2-F7120 come with a mounting bracket?
    The TL2-F7120 includes rack mounting hardware to mount a single TL2-F7120 into a 1U rack space. To mount two TL2-F7120 switches into a 1U rack space you will need the ETH-F71 rack mount kit (Sold separately)....
  7. Does the TL2-F7120 support 100Mbps SFP modules?
    The TL2-F7120 supports 1Gbps or 10Gbps modules only.