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  1. Why can only one computer connected to the TEG-S82g go online?
    To share an Internet connection you will need a router. The TEG-S82g can be utilized to expand the available ports on your existing router or network....
  2. What is GREENnet technology?
    GREENnet technology reduces power consumption by up to 70% when:* Ethernet ports are not in use Connected devices are turned off Connected device are in power-saving modes Based on Ethernet cable length *Max power savings compared with conventional TRENDnet Switches...
  3. Does the TEG-S82g support jumbo frames?
    The TEG-S82g supports jumbo frames up to 9 Kbytes.
  4. Is there an uplink port on the TEG-S82g?
    All ports on the TEG-S82g support auto-MDIX. All ports can be used as an uplink port.
  5. How do I configure the TEG-S82g?
    The TEG-S82g is a non-manageable switch. It is not configurable.