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  1. General Tips
    Ensure that the unit has adequate space around the switch for ventilation and heat dissipation. Avoid placing the switch on top of other electronics. Do not place objects on the switch Ensure all physical connections are securely connected. Employ good cable management techniques to avoid...
  2. How do I configure the TE100-S16D & TE100-S24D?
    The TE100-S16D & TE100-S24D are non-manageable switches. They are not configurable.
  3. What do the LED’s on the front of the TE100-S16D & TE100-S24D indicate?
    1. PWR Illuminated: Power successfully applied to the switch Not illuminated: No active power to the switch 2. LINK/ACT Illuminated (Solid): Active connection to the port Illuminated (Blinking): Indicates network activity Not illuminated: No physical connection to the port ...
  4. Can I share my Internet connection through the switch?
    To share an Internet connection you will need a router. The switch can be utilized to expand the available ports on your existing router or network....