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  1. When logging into the web management interface the browser crashes or elements are not displayed properly. What should I do?
    If you encounter problems when logging into the web management interface, you may need to temporarily disable your Antivirus software. Antivirus software installed with additional web browser components (such as the AVG® Anti-Virus Surf Shield component under the LinkScanner feature) may cause probl...
  2. What do the LED indicators on the TL2-E284 indicate?
    Device Status LED Color Sequence Definition Power (PWR) Green Solid Device powered On Off Device powered Off System (SYS) Green Solid Device is ready Off Device not ready Ethernet LED (RJ-45) Color Sequence Definition ...
  3. How do I rest the TL2-E284 to factory default settings?
    Press and hold in the reset button on the front of the TL2-E284 for 15 seconds to restore default settings...
  4. What is the default IP address of the TL2-E284?
    The default IP address is
  5. What is the default username and password of the TL2-E284?
    The default username and password are both "admin".