TRENDnet’s multi-gigabit fiber solutions combine ultra-fast networking speeds and long-distance connectivity support. Our durable and reliable multi-gigabit fiber solutions include both media converters and SFP+ modules.

Multi-gigabit fiber media converters conveniently convert Ethernet connections to fiber connections (and vice versa) to support long distance networking applications. TRENDnet’s reliable SFP+ fiber modules support up to 10G networking speeds and networking distances up to 24.9 miles (40km).

TRENDnet also offers a 10G RJ-45 copper SFP+ module that allows users to repurpose an existing switch’s unused SFP+ port by converting the standard SFP+ port into an RJ-45 multi-gigabit port for additional high-speed copper connectivity.

The 10G SFP+ modules feature a low electromagnetic interference design, and support for Digital Diagnostics Monitoring (DDM).

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