Basic LAN WAN Status Filters Routing Wireless Powerline Security Firmware

This page allows you to configure the wireless LAN interfaces.

Wireless Interface:     

Network Name (SSID):     
Network Type:     
AP Isolation:     
Country:        Current: AU

Band:        Current: 802.11g
Channel:        Current: 11
54g™ Mode:     
54g Protection:     
Basic Rate Set:     
Multicast Rate:     

Fragmentation Threshold:     
RTS Threshold:     
DTIM Interval:     
Beacon Interval:     
Preamble Type:     
Enable XPress™ Technology:     
Enable AfterBurner Technology:     

WDS Operaion Mode:     
Bridge Restrict:     
Remote Bridges:     

MAC Restrict Mode:     
MAC Addresses:     

Authenticated Stations:     
MAC Address Associated Authorized