Basic LAN WAN Status Filters Routing Wireless Powerline Security Firmware

This page allows you to configure the WAN connections of the router.

Connection Type:     

Host Name:     
Domain Name:     
MAC Address:     
IP Address:     
Subnet Mask:     
Default Gateway:     
DNS Servers:     
WINS Servers:     

PPPoE Username:     
PPPoE Password:     
PPPoE Service Name:     
PPPoE Access Concentrator:     
PPPoE Connect on Demand:     
PPPoE Max Idle Time:     
PPPoE Keep Alive:     
PPPoE MRU:     
PPPoE MTU:     

PPTP Gateway Address:     
PPTP Username:     
PPTP Password:     
PPTP Connect on Demand:     
PPTP Max Idle Time:       Sec
PPTP Keep Alive:     
PPTP Redial Period:       Sec
PPTP MRU:     
PPTP MTU:     

Connection Status:      Connected
IP Address Expires In:      Expired

Static Routes:      IP Address Subnet Mask Gateway Metric