AC1750 Dual Band Wireless Router
Advanced Wireless Settings
This section allows you to modify advanced wireless settings. It is recommended that these settings remain set to their default values unless you are knowledgeable about the effects of modifying these parameters. Modifying these settings incorrectly can potentially degrade wireless functionality and performance.

Advanced Wireless
Beacon Period ms (range 100 - 1000, default 100)
DTIM (range 1 - 255, default 1)
Fragment Threshold (range 256 - 2346, default 2346)
RTS Threshold (range 1 - 2347, default 2347)
TX Power
Short Preamble Enable   Disable
HT Physical Mode
Guard Interval long  Auto
A-MPDU Enable  Disable
Multicast-to-Unicast Converter
Multicast-to-Unicast Enable   Disable