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USB 3.0 technology

How do 3G routers work?
It is essentially the same as having your home or office wireless router with you, except the source is your 3G USB dongle connection. 3G routers allow you to connect to the Internet anywhere you have a 3G mobile connection from a service provider such as AT&T™, Sprint™, T-Mobile™, or Verizon™. Simply plug in the 3G USB dongle into the router to share a single internet connection.

How are they useful?
You can now share a single Internet connection from anywhere you have a 3G mobile signal to create your very own Wi-Fi hotspots. This includes with friends, on the job site, at an airport, or even while relaxing on vacation.

Do I need to pay a monthly fee for the router?
No, not at all. Simply buy the router and it will create your very own wireless hotpot, without the need to pay monthly fees or service charges. The only subscription you require is a 3G connection from a mobile provide.

What is the difference between the two 3G routers that TRENDnet offers?
Our TEW-655BR3G, was the first 3G router we launched. It has a handy rechargeable and replaceable battery that works for over two hours under full loading.

TRENDnet’s newer TEW-656BRG is designed without a battery in order to be lighter and smaller. Convenienetly, the TEW-656BRG can be powered directly from a USB port on your computer.

Do these routers work with 4G dongles?
Unfortunately not. 4G is a completely different technology, that is not compatible with 3G. We are currently working on 4G compatibility. Expect a formal announcement from TRENDnet later this year.

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Mad Shrimps awarded its coveted ‘Performance Recommendation’ award for TRENDnet's 450Mbps Dual Band Wireless N USB Adapter (model TEW-684UB) stating, "It offered good transfer speeds in the performed tests; on Wireless N, it even succeeded to surpass the performance of the previously tested 450Mbps Gaming Adapter."

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