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How do I setup a Guest network on the TEW-810DR?
FAQ ID: 3054 Product: TEW-810DRUpdated:11/15/2013 5:41:01 PM

Log in to TEW-810DR by entering https://TEW-810DRinto the address line of your browser.

For added security, the Router is preconfigured with a unique password. You can find the password on a sticker on the front of the Router and on the label on the bottom of the Router.

Enter your Password, select your preferred language, then click Login.

Click on Basic then GuestNetwork.  Enable the Radio you want to have a guest network.  Give it a unique network name (SSID) and setup security for the network.  For 802.11n and 802.11ac support, please ensure you use WPA2 encryption levels.

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