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  1. What can I connect to the TEW-800MB?
    You can connect any network enabled device with an Ethernet adapter to the TEW-800MB.
  2. How do I reset the TEW-800MB to default settings?
    Press and hold in the reset button located on the bottom of the TEW-800MB for approximately 15 seconds while the power is on. ...
  3. What is the default IP address of the TEW-800MB?
    The default IP address of the TEW-800MB is  Alternately you can access the unit by entering https://TEW-800MB/ during the initial installation and after you have configured the unit to connect to your existing network. ...
  4. What is the default username and password for the TEW-800MB?
    The username and password can be located on labels on the front and bottom of the TEW-800MB. ...