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  1. Why am I not connecting at 450Mbps to my router or access point?
    Please ensure the router or access point you are connecting to supports 450Mbps connections, such as the TEW-691GR. Please also ensure you have secured your wireless network using WPA2 AES encryption values. Using legacy forms of encryption will cause it to fall back to legacy 802.11b/g specificatio...
  2. Where can I find instructions on how to install the TEW-680MB?
    All materials, including the Quick Installation Guide, User’s Guide and updates can be found for download from our website at the following link. ...
  3. What is the default username and password for the TEW-680MB?
    The default username and password for the TEW-680MB are both admin.
  4. What is the default IP address of the TEW-680MB?
    The default IP address of the TEW-680MB is  Alternately you can access the unit by entering https://TEW-680MB.TRENDnet during the initial installation and after you have configured the unit to connect to your existing network....
  5. How do I reset the TEW-680MB to default settings?
    Press and hold in the reset button located on the bottom of the TEW-680MB for approximately 15 seconds while the power is on. ...
  6. What can I connect to the TEW-680MB?
    You can connect any network enabled device with an Ethernet adapter to the TEW-680MB.