Patch Panels / Keystone

Organize your wired Ethernet connections with TRENDnet's patch panels. TRENDnet patch panels are available from 8-port to 48-port supporting Cat5e, Cat6, and/or Cat6A cabling. TRENDnet also offers shielded patch panels which protect against electromagnetic interference, as well as cost-effective unshielded patch panels.

When setting up a permanent cable run, patch panels allow you to better manage your network cables by consolidating wired connections to a single location, such as a wiring closet. No need to worry about the added step required to prepare custom-length Ethernet cables to run to switches to multiple locations. Plus, label your connections on a patch panel for easy identification in the future.

All TRENDnet patch panels are rack mountable. TRENDnet's patch panel family also includes both shielded and unshielded modular Keystone jacks.



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