PoE Injectors / Extenders / Splitters

Use your existing networking hardware and save on installation costs with TRENDnet's PoE injectors, extenders, and splitters. We also offer industrial-grade PoE injectors and outdoor extenders.

PoE injectors convert a non-PoE port (on a standard non-PoE switch) into a PoE port. Injectors power PoE devices and offer you an alternative to sourcing a full PoE switch, especially when you only need to power one or two devices, such as an IP camera or access point. TRENDnet offers injectors that support PoE, PoE+, and UPoE.

Daisy chain TRENDnet PoE extenders and PoE amplifiers to extend your PoE coverage up to 1,968 ft.

PoE splitters are designed to power non-PoE devices in hard to reach areas where power outlets are not available or difficult to install. TRENDnet's PoE splitters can power non-PoE devices up to 328 ft. away.



PoE Out Ports