Wireless Access Points / AP Controllers

Wireless access points allow your wireless devices to easily connect to a wired computer network. TRENDnet offers both indoor and outdoor access points; our PoE access points provide installation flexibility and help to reduce equipment cost. To fit different installation scenarios, TRENDnet offers APs that can be mounted to a ceiling, wall, or pole.

Indoor access points expand the wireless coverage in your workplace or home. Combine TRENDnet's compatible access points with the TRENDnet Hive cloud service to utilize seamless WiFi roaming technologies, and to easily manage multiple APs remotely from a single, centralized interface.

Outdoor wireless access points allow you to create a wireless bridge for building-to-building or building-to-multi-building communications, or to create an outdoor wireless hotspot for guests and/or customers. TRENDnet offers both omni-directional and directional outdoor access point solutions.

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