AP Management Software
TEW-APC1 (Version: v1.0)
  • Centralized firmware upgrade allows you to upgrade multiple access points simultaneously
  • Backup and restore access points using configuration templates
  • Restore configuration settings (i.e. SSID, channel, wireless encryption, IP Address)
  • Monitor access point status and connected network devices
  • Multi-SSID support
  • Compatible with TEW-738APBO and TEW-739APBO
  • Download Software

Easily manage multiple access points (AP) across your wireless network with TRENDnet’s AP Management Software. Simultaneously manage up to 200 access points, batch firmware upgrades and monitoring network connection status. Reduce setup time by creating specific configura-tions and assigning it to multiple APs. Save templates to quickly restore an access point’s configuration.
Access Point Monitoring
View the status of online users or network devices
Simultaneously Upgrade Firmware
Select multiple access points to upgrade firmware at the same time
Access Point Group Management
Create custom profiles and assign them to multiple access points
  • Compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 7, Vista, XP
Recommended System Requirements
  • Web browser-based support: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Internet Explorer 9 and above.
  • 2GB RAM recommended
  • 1G HDD space
  • Manage wireless clients
  • IP-Based monitoring of supported access points (up to 200) on the same network
Special Features
  • AP Group management, allowing to set templates to assign similar settings to multiple APs
  • Central firmware upgrade allowing to upgrade multiple APs firmware at the same time
  • Easy system recovery
Access Control
  • WLAN Partition
  • MAC Control list
  • Up to WPA2 (802.1x) wireless encryption
Networking Solution

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AP Management Software
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