Powerline WiFi Adapters

Get wireless internet from the power outlets throughout your home with TRENDnet's reliable WiFi Everywhere™ Powerline WiFi adapters. These Powerline WiFi adapters (or Powerline WiFi Extenders) help you to eliminate wireless dead zones outside of your router's range, or those caused by physical obstructions or interference. There's no need to run any cables; these Powerline WiFi adapters use your home's existing electrical wiring.

TRENDnet Powerline WiFi adapters are ideal for areas with physical obstructions or interference, such as in buildings and homes made from brick, stone, or other dense building materials. Use up to 8 TRENDnet Powerline wireless adapters on one network for whole home WiFi coverage. Note that two Powerline adapters are required to start a Powerline network.

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