Powerline Ethernet Adapters

Easily get internet access from your power outlets using TRENDnet's Powerline adapters. TRENDnet's Powerline adapters are a simple way to extend your home's wired network. These Powerline adapters use your home's existing electrical system to create a wired connection for Powerline internet at nearly any power outlet in your home (or office). No special tools or hardware are needed; just plug adapters into power outlets, and connect your devices.

TRENDnet Powerline adapters offer a variety of features, such as compact housing, or built-in power outlets. Choose the best Powerline adapters based on performance and your budget; the Powerline adapters range in speeds from up to 500Mpbs to 1300Mpbs. TRENDnet Powerline Ethernet adapters are available in both starter kits and standalone adapters. Use up to 8 TRENDnet Powerline adapters on one network. Note you need at least two Powerline adapters to start a Powerline network.

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