Powerline Ethernet Adapters

Use TRENDnet's Powerline adapters to create a reliable, wired network connection using your home or office's existing electrical system. TRENDnet's Powerline adapters are a simple way to extend a wired network without installing additional cabling. These adapters are ideal for areas with physical obstructions or interference, such as in buildings and homes made from brick, stone, or other dense building materials.

TRENDnet Powerline adapters support an expansive range up to 984 ft. (300m) over your electrical lines. Use up to eight TRENDnet Powerline adapters together on a single Powerline network for more coverage. No special tools or hardware are needed; just plug TRENDnet Powerline adapters into power outlets, and connect your devices.

With TRENDnet WiFi Powerline adapters, easily create a wireless connection from nearly any power outlet. These Powerline WiFi adapters (or Powerline WiFi Extenders) help you to eliminate wireless dead zones outside of your router's range, or those caused by physical obstructions or interference.

TRENDnet Powerline adapters simply plug into an existing power outlet in your home. You need two Powerline adapters to start a new Powerline network. Plug one adapter into one power outlet, and connect it to your router or network. Plug in your second Powerline adapter into another power outlet (on the same electrical system) somewhere in your home that needs a connection. Connect devices such as computers, smart TVs, gaming consoles, or other network-enabled devices to a TRENDnet Powerline adapter.

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