Smart Monitoring of Rotating Equipment with TRENDnet and Semiotic Labs

Application Spotlight

March 2019

TRENDnet’s industrial PoE+ DIN-rail switches and Semiotic Labs’ smart conditioning monitoring solution work together to prevent unplanned downtime of critical motors and rotating assets. Semiotic Labs selected TRENDnet’s 8-Port Hardened Industrial Gigabit PoE+ DIN-Rail Switch (TI-PG80) to be integrated into their SAM4 system, a smart conditioning monitoring solution for AC induction motors and rotating equipment.

TRENDnet’s rugged and reliable industrial Ethernet switches are designed for harsh and industrial environments such as warehouses, refineries, and factories. Networked with TRENDnet’s TI-PG80 industrial switch, the SAM4 monitoring solution by Semiotic Labs provides organizations with early stage detection of upcoming critical asset failures. This allows users to schedule regular and required maintenance, ultimately saving on high costs caused by unplanned downtime and major hardware replacements.

TRENDnet’s industrial switch and SAM4 system installed inside Motor Control Cabinet

Installing industrial switch inside Motor Control Cabinet via DIN-rail mount

The SAM4 smart conditioning monitoring solution is made for low voltage, direct online, or VFD-driven AC induction motors, and most types of rotating equipment such as pumps, conveyors, compressors, blowers, and fans. TRENDnet’s industrial switches allow the SAM4 system to be networked, making critical and time-sensitive data accessible to executives and other key decision makers. Dual redundant power support and an alarm relay triggered by power failure featured on the TRENDnet industrial Ethernet switches help to prevent further system failure.

The SAM4 solution has already been installed inside a countless number of Motor Control Cabinets with clients all over the world in varying industries, including steel factories, mining, national military, international beer brewing brand, tank storage, and industrial baking. With its rugged design and IP30 rated metal enclosure, TRENDnet’s industrial switches are ideal for these industrious working environments, operating in extreme temperatures (both high and low), and with resistance to vibrations and shock.

Installing industrial switch inside Motor Control Cabinet via DIN-rail mount
Equipment diagram with SAM4 system and TRENDnet’s industrial switch

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