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TRENDnet Upgrades Cardinal’s WiFi Network with Remote Management Support [Case Study]

May 2024 — Discover how Cardinal, a top logistics provider, upgraded its network with TRENDnet's solutions for seamless connectivity and enhanced performance. Through innovative technology like wireless access points and managed PoE+ switches, Cardinal improved speeds and streamlined operations. With remote monitoring via TRENDnet Hive, Cardinal gained unprecedented control, propelling its logistics services forward.

How to Pick the Best Wireless Router

March 2024 — Picking the best wireless router for your business is crucial to having a well-functioning network. Depending on the size and requirements for your business, the router you need may be different from a router another business needs. Learn how to pick the best wireless router for your business. Which features should you seek out? What other factors matter when selecting a business router?

Networking Tips: Installing Industrial Products

January 2024 — Industrial network solutions are designed to perform in the harshest environments, but in order for them to function properly and to prevent damages, specific steps must be taken. Read more about how to wire, ground, add surge protection, and prevent water damage to your industrial networking switches.

Benefits of a Cloud Managed Network

July 2023 — July 2023 – What is a cloud managed network or a cloud network manager? Why do I want to implement one and how can I use it? Find out how a cloud managed network can save you on both time and cost on managing a network or multiple networks. Read about what you can do with a cloud network monitoring solution, and learn about the main benefits.

Home vs. Enterprise Networks

June 2023 — What’s the difference between a home network and an enterprise network? What type of network and network devices should you deploy in your home or business? Using the appropriate equipment is essential to building a reliable network. Check out this deep dive into home and business networks, and their impacts and effects; learn about their main differences to help determine which type of network and devices (routers, access points, etc.) are best for your home and/or your business.

TRENDnet Upgrades Wireless Network at 10,000 Square Foot House of Worship

May 2023 — TRENDnet’s indoor access points, wireless LAN controller, and managed PoE+ switches were installed throughout a 10,000 square foot house of worship to upgrade an existing and aging system that had been failing the church for some time. Since the upgrade with TRENDnet’s networking solutions, the HTBB Church has experienced a more reliable and stable wireless network than ever before for its congregation of more than 1,500 active members and growing.

Four Time-Saving Tips for Outdoor WiFi Access Point Bridge Installations

August 2022 — Outdoor WiFi access point bridges are networking devices that can connect two or more locations together, particularly when a wired option is not available or prohibited. Even when a wired connection is possible, an outdoor wireless bridge solution can be much more cost-effective. Installing outdoor access points may require specific configurations to create a powerful and reliable long-distance wireless connection. Learn more about these time-saving outdoor access point bridge installation tips.

How to Set a Static IP Address

August 2021 — There are many reasons why someone would need to set a static IP address for a device connected to the network. Fortunately, although it’s an advanced networking function, setting a static IP address is much easier than many users think. Here are step-by-step instructions (with screenshots) on how to set a static IP address; plus, learn about some of the networking scenarios where you would need to use a static IP configuration.

MoCA vs HPNA vs Powerline

May 2021 — Are you looking to create a wired network connection without having to drill holes or run cabling? We’ll go over three different ways to use your home or office’s existing infrastructure to create a reliable, wired network signal. MoCA and HPNA offer ways to use existing coaxial cabling, while Powerline allows you to use a building’s existing electrical lines. Learn more about these three different technologies, and see how to determine which option is best for you.

PoE Cameras Guide for Beginners

February 2021 — Have you considered installing your own home surveillance system? Are you familiar with PoE cameras and what they have to offer? Installing a home surveillance system has never been easier. Learn more about the benefits PoE cameras offer and see how these cameras can save you both on time and costs. Read this beginner’s guide to get the basics and get some insight from a real-life surveillance example at a popular European ski resort.