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What is an SSID for a Wireless Network?
FAQ ID: 373 Product: WirelessUpdated:4/26/2005 8:43:13 PM
An SSID is a 32-character alphanumeric key that uniquely identifies a wireless LAN. It is often referred to as the "Network Name". It is used to keep unauthorized wireless equipment from accessing your LAN. To communicate, wireless devices on the same network must be configured with the same SSID. Most TRENDnet products include software that will perform a site survey to detect available SSIDs. Only those devices, specifically Routers and access points that are configured to broadcast their SSID will be visible. If you do not broadcast the SSID of a wireless network device, then that device will not be visible in a product's site survey. Since the SSID is limited in its security, it should be used in conjunction with WEP or WPA.

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