TRENDnet Launches Easy-to-Use Wireless Presentation System for Multiple Users and Groups
TRENDnet (1/12/2022)

TORRANCE, Calif. – Jan. 12, 2022 - TRENDnet® (, a global leader in reliable SMB and consumer networking and surveillance solutions, announces today the availability of a new and simple-to-use wireless presentation system designed for easy screen sharing at university lecture halls, school classrooms, conferences, business meetings, and more. The wireless presentation system includes the 4K Wireless Presenter Kit with Audio Support (TWP-100R1K) and the 4K Wireless Presenter Add-On Transmitters (TWP-101T). The TWP-100R1K kit includes a TWP-101R receiver and one TWP-101T transmitter.

This wireless presentation system is an easy plug-and-play tool that allows multiple users to quickly share their screen with just one push of a button. Four users are able to wirelessly share their screens simultaneously, but a total of 32 users can be connected to the system. This allows users to be ready to present at any moment without wasting time on hardware setup between presenters, while also reducing technical issues.

TRENDnet’s 4K Wireless Presenter Kit w/ Audio Support (TWP-100R1K) and the 4K Wireless Presenter Add-on Transmitters (TWP-101T) wirelessly extend an HDMI connection from computers, tablets, and mobile phones to an HDMI TV or projector. The wireless presentation system is compatible across multiple platforms, including Windows™, Mac®, Android™, and iOS mirror. It supports 4K HD resolution, 5.1 audio support, and it is compliant with HDMI 1.4 with HDCP 1.4 support.

TRENDnet’s new wireless presentation system, the 4K Wireless Presenter Kit w/ Audio Support (TWP-100R1K) and the 4K Wireless Presenter Add-on Transmitters (TWP-101T), are currently available for purchase. They can be found online on the TRENDnet store, or through TRENDnet’s authorized distribution network and retail partners.

4K Wireless Presenter Kit w/ Audio Support, TWP-100R1K

4K Wireless Presenter Add-on Transmitter, TWP-101T

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