AC3200 Tri Band Wireless Router


This section allows you to activate WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) which allows you to easily connect WPS capable wireless client devices to your router. The router offers three ways to connect wireless client devices using WPS: Hardware Push Button (physically located on the router), Virtual Push Button (PBC), or PIN. WPS cannot be used if the SSID Broadcast function is disabled.

Wireless Interface
Wireless Interface
WPS Config
WPS Configuration
WPS Summary
WPS Current Status Init
WPS Current ModeAP with Built-in Registrar
Configure by External Registrar
Current SSID TRENDnet828_2.4GHz_1A2B
Current Authentication Type WPA2-PSK
Current Encryption Type AES
Current PSK Click here to display
Authentication Type
Encryption Type
WPA passphrase Click here to display
Device PIN38209444
WPS Action
Station PIN Note: Empty for PBC method.
Authorized Station MAC   
Wifi-Invite PIN Mode
List Wifi-Invite enabled STAs
Wifi-Invite enabled STAs
Action Friendly Name MAC Address