AC1750 Dual Band Wireless Router
Wi-FI Protected Setup
This section allows you to activate WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) which allows you to easily connect WPS capable wireless client devices to your router. The router offers three ways to connect wireless client devices using WPS: Hardware Push Button (physically located on the router), Virtual Push Button (PBC), or PIN. WPS cannot be used if the SSID Broadcast function is disabled.

WPS Config
WPS External Registrar Lock
WPS Summary
WPS Current Status Idle
WPS Configured Yes
WPS Security Mode WPA2 Only - PSK
WPS Encrypt Type AES
WPS Key wxyz1234
AP PIN 56759518
WPS Action
If you are using the Virtual Push Button method, click Start Push Button, then push and activate WPS on your wireless client device. If you are using the PIN method, enter the wireless client device PIN in the field and click Start PIN, then activate the WPS PIN method on your wireless client device.