I setup my internet connection type and saved it, but I still can not get the Internet from my PC. Why?

Option 1: Please go to Status section from the configuration page, click on Connection Detail button. Click on Release/Renew button to allow the Router to regain fresh connection from your ISP. Then try browsing a website such as http://www.trendnet.com again with your Internet browser.

Option 2: Please power down all the equipments including Cable/DSL modem, Router and your PC. Then power on the Cable/DSL modem first and wait for 60 seconds, and power on the Router then your PC. This simple power cycle normally helps the Router to work with your Internet connection. Then try browsing a web site such as http://www.trendnet.com again with your internet browser.
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Created: 2/3/2005
Modified: 2/3/2005
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