How do view the NVR from a remote location?

Answer: To remotely access the TV-NVR104 you will need to forward TCP port 80 and TCP port 554 to the NVR in your Router. If the TV-NVR104 has a dynamically assigned IP address please make sure you use a DHCP reservation or set a static IP address on it to ensure the port forwarding rules remain accurate. If the IP address changes, you will need to update your port forwarding rules as well. Consult your Routerís userís guide or contact the manufacturer for assistance.

From a remote location you can access the TV-NVR104 using your public IP address.†Your public IP address can be found on your Routerís status page.†Your public IP address may change.† The use of a Dynamic DNS (DDNS) service provider can help with this.†Many Routers include a DDNS client built into it that you can use.†Consult your Routerís userís guide or contact the manufacturer for assistance.†If your Router does not have a DDNS client built in, most DDNS service providers have a software client you can run on a computer to manage your DDNS records.

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