How do I connect my wireless devices using WPS?

Answer: To add a wireless device to your network, simply push the WPS button on the wireless device you are connecting(consult client device User’s Guide for length of time), then push and hold the WPS button located on the back of your Router for 3 seconds and release it. A green LED on your Router WPS button will flash indicating that the WPS setup process has been activated on your Router

Note* it is recommended that a wireless key (passphrase or password) is created before connecting clients using the PBC method. If no wireless key is defined when connecting via PBC, the Router will automatically create an encryption key that is 64 characters long. This 64 character key will then have to be used if one has to connect computers to the Router using the traditional connection method.

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Created: 5/8/2014
Modified: 5/8/2014
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