How do I setup a WDS link between 2 TEW-715APO’s?

Log in to the first TEW-715APO by entering into the address line of your browser.

The default Username and Password are both admin.

Click Wireless>Basic Settings and make sure that Operation Mode is set to Bridge then click Apply.

Click Wireless>Profile Setting and set your encryption then click Apply.

Click Wireless>WDS Settings and input the MAC Address of the second TEW-715APO in Remote AP MAC Address 1 then click Apply. The MAC Address is located on the back label of the access point or in the web interface under Wireless>WDS Settings.

In the second access point you will follow the same steps except in the WDS settings. You would put the MAC Address of the first TEW-715APO.

Note:  Please ensure you configure each unit with a unique IP address to avoid an IP address conflict.

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Created: 11/1/2012
Modified: 11/1/2012
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