My computer is asking for an 8-digit-PIN from the router when I try to establish a wireless connection. What does this mean and where do I find it?

The Windows 7 operating system offers you a built-in utility to configure and manage your wireless connections. The 8-digit-PIN request only appears when your wireless Routerís wireless network settings have not been configured. We recommend that the initial configuration of your wireless Router be conducted through a wired connection. This can eliminate multiple wireless profiles being created and repeated reconnections to the wireless network as you change or modify your wireless network parameters.

Disconnect your wireless connection to your Router by clicking on the Cancel button.

Connect a network cable from your computer to one of the Routerís LAN ports.

Log in to the wireless Router by entering into the address line of your browser.

The default System Password is admin.

After you log in to the Router, select Wizard for the Configuration Method then press Enter. Follow the on screen prompts to configure your Router.

Follow the on screen prompts to configure your Router.

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