How do I configure the TEW-736RE if my router doesnít support or I donít use WPS?

You can setup and configure the TEW-736RE manually. Instructions are found here and in the Userís Guide located on the CD included with the TEW-736RE.

Setup Wizard Configuration

The setup wizard provides easy step by step instructions on how to configure the TEW-736RE to your wireless network. Follow the steps provided below to continue.


  • Do not connect/install the TEW-736RE to your network until instructed to do so.
  • Make sure your network adapter settings are set to obtain an IP address automatically.
  1. If you are wirelessly connected to a network, disconnect from it. Using a network cable, connect your computer to the TEW-736REís LAN ports.
  2. Connect the Power Adapter to the TEW-736RE and then to a power outlet (EU Versions will have a power button on the back. Push the power button to the ďOnĒ position). Verify that the power is on.

  3. Open your web browser, type http://tew-736re.trendnet in the address bar(or the default IP address, and then press enter.

  4. Enter the User Name and password and then click OK.
    Default Settings: Username and Password: admin

    Username and Password are case sensitive.

  5. The Wizard will automatically appear. Click Administration → Wizard if the Wizard does not automatically appear.
  6. Click Next to begin the wizard and wireless setup.

  7. Choose DHCP client (automatically obtain IP address). Click Next. (Leave Host Name blank)
  8. Select Manual Setup and click Next. a. When connecting to your Router or access point, you will be prompted for its security password. Please have the password handy before proceeding.
  9. Click Scan to view the available wireless networks.
  10. Select the network for which you would like the TEW-637RE to extend and click Select and then click Next.
  11. Enter your Router or access pointís wireless password next to Pass Phrase and click Next.
  12. Verify the information is correct, click Apply, and wait for the TEW-736RE to reboot or for the loading bar to reache 100%.
  13. Unplug the power adapter and disconnect the TEW-736RE from your computer.
  14. Place the TEW-736RE in your desired location.
  15. Plug in the power adapter into the TEW-736RE and verify that the following panel lights are on: Power (Green/Solid) and Wireless (Green/Blinking)


  • The TEW-736RE must be placed in a location where it can establish a wireless connection to your wireless network. The most ideal locations are areas where wireless adapters can maintain 2-3 bars with your existing Router or a 20-30% connection rating
  • When conducting a wireless scan you may see the Routerís wireless network name listed twice. This is normal because the TEW-736RE broadcasts the same network name as your Router or access point.

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