Where should I place the TEW-736RE?

The TEW-736RE must be within range of your existing wireless Router or access point to repeat the signal. 

There are a number of factors that can impact the range of wireless devices. Follow these tips to help improve your wireless connectivity:

  1. Keep the number of obstructions to a minimum. Each obstruction can reduce the range of a wireless device. Position the wireless devices in a manner that will minimize the amount of obstructions between them.
    1. For the widest coverage area, install your Router near the center of your home, and near the ceiling, if possible.
    2. Avoid placing the Router on or near metal objects (such as file cabinets and metal furniture), reflective surfaces (such as glass or mirrors), and masonry walls.
    3. Any obstruction can weaken the wireless signal (even non-metallic objects), so the fewer obstructions between the Router and the wireless device, the better.
    4. Place the Router in a location away from other electronics, motors, and fluorescent lighting.
    5. Many environmental variables can affect the Router’s performance, so if your wireless signal is weak, place the Router in several locations and test the signal strength to determine the ideal position.
  1. Building materials can have a large impact on your wireless signal. In an indoor environment, try to position the wireless devices so that the signal passes through less dense material such as dry wall. Dense materials like metal, solid wood, glass or even furniture may block or degrade the signal.
  2. Antenna orientation can also have a large impact on your wireless signal. Use the wireless adapter’s site survey tool to determine the best antenna orientation for your wireless devices.
  3. Interference from devices that produce RF (radio frequency) noise can also impact your signal. Position your wireless devices away from anything that generates RF noise, such as microwaves, radios and baby monitors.
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