How do you schedule the TEW-692GR to allow Internet access for wired or wireless computers at specified time?

To be able to configure TEW-692GR’saccesscontrol feature allowing computers to access the Internetbased on a schedule profile.

Applies to:
TEW-692GR hardware version v1.0R or later


  1. Find the MAC Address of the computer to be on the schedule profile
    1. On the computer’s system tray, right-click on the Network Connection icon and click Open Network and Sharing Center.

    2. On The Network and Sharing Center window, click on Change Adapter Setting.

    3. Select the Connection Icon used to connect to the Router either wired LAN or wireless and right-click on it and select Status.

    4. On the Connection Status window, click Details and take note of the Physical Address information.  This is also known as the MAC Address which will be used for access control in the TEW-692GR Router.

      In this example, Tommy’s PC has a network card with a MAC Address of 00:1C:C0:47:B2:34. Please note the MAC Address format. TEW-692GR requires colon marks instead of dashes.

  2. Log into the Router’s web interface and make sure you have the correct time.
    1. With the computer connected to the TEW-692GR Router, type in, in your web browser’s address bar.

    2. Under the main menu located on the left-hand side, click Administrator →Time and enter the correct numbers to match the current time and date, then click Apply.
  3. Assign an IP address for the computer to be on a schedule and configure it so that it will always receive the same IP address every time it connects to the TEW-692GR.
    1. Click Network →LANSettings
    2. Under Add DHCP Reservation, type in the Computer Name(no space), assigned IP Address and the  MAC Address of the computer to be blocked, then click the Save button.

      In this example, Tommy’s PC will always have an IP address of

  4. Create a Schedule Rule which is a block of time that you can associate with the Router’s various features.
    1. Click AdvancedSchedule.
    2. Create a rule by specifying a name under the Rule Name text entry box. Type in a name with no spaces, click on the check box(es) for the day(s) of the week, and use the Hour and Minute drop down boxes to select the start and end time.
    3. Click on the Save button.

      In this example, the rule name called School_Dayincludes Sundayto Thursday  from8:00PM to Midnight(military time).

  5. Enable the Router’s Access Control feature
    1. Click Advanced →Access Control then click on the Enable button then Save Status button.

  6. Create an IP Range Block Rule
    1. Check the Rule Enable check box.
    2. Create a Rule Name(no spaces)
    3. Type in the IP Address(es) belonging to that rule.
    4. Click the Schedule drop down and select the appropriate schedule profile.
    5. Click the Add button.

      In this example, the rule name called Tommy_School_Days whichincludes theIP address and uses the School_Dayschedule. It means IP address of will not be able to access the Router’s local and Internet connection from Sunday to Thursday, from 8:00PM to Midnight.

  7. Confirm the use of IP Range Block Rule in the Access Control feature by click the Save Status  button.

  8. Verify that the blocked computer with IP address cannot connect to the Internet during the specified schedule while the rest of the computers are able to browse any website.
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