What is PCI Express?

PCI Express is a recent addition to many new motherboards. PCI-E is replacing PCI which is currently going down in production along with AGP which is nearly extent. PCI-E offers a greater bandwidth than that of PCI and AGP. It is also structured different in that PCI used Bus and PCI-E uses serial point-to-point links called lanes.


Bandwidth [Transmit Both ways]


132 MB/s


2,100 MB/s

PCI Express 1x

250 [500]* MB/s

PCI Express 2x

500 [1000]* MB/s

PCI Express 4x

1000 [2000]* MB/s

PCI Express 8x

2000 [4000]* MB/s

PCI Express 16x

4000 [8000]* MB/s

PCI Express 32x

8000 [16000]* MB/s

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