What are the benefits of using TPL-302E?

TPL-302E uses Powerline technology to enable computers to share files and network resources over standard electrical wires already installed in homes and offices. TPL-302E can greatly reduce time and cost to network computers where installing new network cables can be difficult or impossible. TPL-302E is also an alternative solution where wireless networking technology is unable to provide reliable and consistent network connection. TPL-302E can be used to create a new network with 2 or more computers. However, any network devices with a built-in Ethernet port (10/100Mbps) can also take advantage of Powerline technology. Since most computer users have an existing network, TPL-302E is often used to add new workstations or network devices. Game consoles like Xbox 360 or PS3 with built-in Ethernet port can use TPL-302E to access the Internet through your wired Internet Router.
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Created: 4/28/2008
Modified: 4/28/2008
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