How do I enable encryption on my router?

Step 1 Log into the Router by entering its IP address into a browser. The default IP address is At the login, enter your username (admin) and password (blank).

Step 2 Click on “Basic” on the left hand side then click on “Wireless”.

Step 3 Enter in the desired encryption values then click “Save Settings”.


Authentication type: WEP
WEP Type: Open System

Mode: Hex
WEP Key: 64-bit
Key 1: 0000000000

Note: For WEP you can choose ASCII or HEX modes.

64bit ASCII = 5 digit ASCII key.
64bit HEX = 10 digit HEX key. (Can only use letters A~F and numbers)
128bit ASCII = 13 digit ASCII key.
128bit HEX = 26 digit HEX key. (Can only use letters A~F and numbers)

You can also choose WPA-PSK. The key must be between 8~64 digits.

Authentication type: WPA-PSK
Passphrase: omg laserbeams pew pew pew
Confirm passphrase: omg laserbeams pew pew pew

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