What is the maximum Ethernet cable length that can be used with the TPE-T80 and TPE-T160?
The maximum Ethernet cable length is 100 meters (328ft).
My powered device is not receiving power from the TPE-T80 or TPE-T160. What should I check?
Please ensure the TPE-T80 or TPE-T160 is plugged in and that the Ethernet cable is Cat5e or higher. Please also ensure the cable is a known working cable. For the TPE-T80 please also check the dip switch on the front panel and make sure it is on....
Will the TPE-T80 and TPE-T160 power standard 802.3af PoE devices?
Yes, the TPE-T80 and TPE-T160 will power standard 802.3af PoE devices. The switch will automatically identify the powered device and provide the correct amount of power....
If I turn off PoE power to a port using a dip switch does it deactivate the port completely?
Only PoE power is disabled. The port can still be used as a standard Ethernet port.