Does the TK-V201S or TK-V401S support HDMI or DVI interfaces?
The TK-V201S and TK-V401S do not support HDMI or DVI interface types. The interface type supported is VGA....
Is it possible to cascade multiple TK-V201S and TK-V401S units together?
Yes, you can cascade up to 2 additional units for a total of 3.
What is the maximum cable distance supported by the TK-V201S and the TK-V401S?
The maximum cable distance supported is 65 meters (210 feet).
What is the video interface on the TK-V201S and TK-V401S?
The video interface for the TK-V201S and TK-V401S is VGA.
What is the maximum resolution supported by the TK-V201S and TK-V401S?
A: The TK-V201S and TK-V401S support resolutions up to 1920 x 1440.