How do I access the TU3-S25 and TU3-S35 on my computer?
Double click on Computer or My Computer. You will have a new drive representing the storage enclosure....
What speeds can I expect with the TU3-S25 and TU3-S35?
Data is transferred over USB3.0 connections at up to 5Gbps. However actual data throughput may be significantly affected by choice of hard drive, computer system architecture, CPU loading and other factors....
Are both the TU3-S25 and TU3-S35 backwards compatible with USB 2.0?
Yes, the TU3-S25 and TU3-S35 are backwards compatible with USB 2.0.
What is the maximum hard drive capacity supported by the TU3-S25 and TU3-S35?
Maximum hard drive capacity supported: 2TB
Does the TU3-S25 and TU3-S35 include a hard drive?
The enclosure does not include a hard drive. A hard drive would be purchased separately.