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Introducing the TRENDnet TE100 Series: 2-Port 10/100Mbos Swtiching Hub
TRENDnet (1/15/1997)

TORRANCE, CA - January 15, 1997 — TRENDnet, a leading provider of Fast Ethernet products, introduces its 10/100Mbps Ethernet switching hub, the TE100-S21 that maximizes available bandwidth and provides a smooth migration path to 100Mbps Fast Ethernet.

The TE100-S21 is a low-cost, high performance Ethernet switch. With the TE100-S21, Ethernet switching is now at hub prices, making switching available to everyone. This high-performance, elegantly engineered switch incorporates cutting-edge technology. The result is a switch that is simpler, smarter, and more affordable.

With one dedicated 10Base-T/100Base-TX port and one 100Base-TX uplink, each port provides a dedicated 10/100Mbps data path, significantly improving overall network performance and response time. In addition, the 100Base-TX uplink offers an affordable path to high-speed networking with access to 100Mbps server pipes or backbones. The TE100-S21 provides one of the lowest-cost, fully featured solutions for workgroups, plus plug-and-play installation for ease of use.

The TE100-S21 is the excellent choice for network users who require a mixed environment of 10Mbps and 100Mbps Fast Ethernet. It provides the flexibility, functionality and high-performance needed to eliminate repeater count limitations inherent to 100Base-TX at a cost effective price. Using the TE100-S21 with your existing 10 or 100Mpbs segment, TRENDnet’s vision is to provide the complete 100Mbps solution for the fastest Ethernet networking anyone has ever seen.