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Introducing the TRENDnet Fast Ethernet Solutions
TRENDnet (4/14/1996)

TORRANCE, CA and Hannover - March 14, 1996 — TRENDnet first announced 100Mbps Fast Ethernet Hubs & Switching Hubs to its European customers. TRENDnet is leading the way to the complete 100Mbps Fast Ethernet Solution. The TE-100/H12 is a 12-port 100Base-TX Fast Ethernet hub and the TE-100/S14 is designed to guarantee optimum 100Mbps network speed where it is needed while preserving investments in 10Mbps segments by easily switching data transmission from 10Mbps to 100Mbps.

100Base-TX Fast Ethernet operates the same way as 10Base-T Ethernet, except that the network data transfer rate is ten times faster. TE-100/H12 is equipped with thirteen RJ-45 ports. Up to twelve stations can be connected on Category 5 cable. One of these ports is designed to "uplink" for hub-to-hub cascading. Thus, the TE-100/H12 can easily be wired with another 100Base-TX Fast Ethernet hub to expand the network.

TE-100/S14 is equipped with 5 switched connections. Four 10Mbps switched ports are designed to link existing 10Mbps technology to new high-bandwidth 100Mbps technology, while the fifth switched port is dedicated for connection to high-bandwidth fast Ethernet. In addition, TE-100/S14 utilizes the following technology: store-and-forward Ethernet packet switching; IEEE 802.1D Spanning Tree Algorithm for network loop detection and prevention, and topology re-configuration; EEPROM implementation allowing in-field upgrade through the out-of-band RS-232 port. Simply implementing one of the TE-100/S14 hubs will boost your current network throughput up to 14 times.

Using the TE-100/H12, TE-100/S14, and TE-100/PCI 10/100 Mbps Fast Ethernet adapters, TRENDnet’s vision is to provide the complete 100Mbps solution for the fastest Ethernet networking anyone has ever seen.