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Introducing the TRENDnet Fast Ethernet Solutions
TRENDnet (4/14/1996)

TORRANCE, CA and Hannover - March 14, 1996 — TRENDnet first announced 100Mbps Fast Ethernet Hubs & Switching Hubs to its European customers. TRENDnet is leading the way to the complete 100Mbps Fast Ethernet Solution. The TE-100/H12 is a 12-port 100Base-TX Fast Ethernet hub and the TE-100/S14 is designed to guarantee optimum 100Mbps network speed where it is needed while preserving investments in 10Mbps segments by easily switching data transmission from 10Mbps to 100Mbps.

100Base-TX Fast Ethernet operates the same way as 10Base-T Ethernet, except that the network data transfer rate is ten times faster. TE-100/H12 is equipped with thirteen RJ-45 ports. Up to twelve stations can be connected on Category 5 cable. One of these ports is designed to "uplink" for hub-to-hub cascading. Thus, the TE-100/H12 can easily be wired with another 100Base-TX Fast Ethernet hub to expand the network.

TE-100/S14 is equipped with 5 switched connections. Four 10Mbps switched ports are designed to link existing 10Mbps technology to new high-bandwidth 100Mbps technology, while the fifth switched port is dedicated for connection to high-bandwidth fast Ethernet. In addition, TE-100/S14 utilizes the following technology: store-and-forward Ethernet packet switching; IEEE 802.1D Spanning Tree Algorithm for network loop detection and prevention, and topology re-configuration; EEPROM implementation allowing in-field upgrade through the out-of-band RS-232 port. Simply implementing one of the TE-100/S14 hubs will boost your current network throughput up to 14 times.

Using the TE-100/H12, TE-100/S14, and TE-100/PCI 10/100 Mbps Fast Ethernet adapters, TRENDnet’s vision is to provide the complete 100Mbps solution for the fastest Ethernet networking anyone has ever seen.

About TRENDnet

To learn more about and connect with TRENDnet, visit www.trendnet.com/company, www.facebook.com/TRENDnet, www.twitter.com/trendnet, and www.youtube.com/Pixelpro80.

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