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TRENDnet IP Camera Hack Statement
Trendnet (1/22/2013)

Upon awareness of a TRENDnet IP camera hack in February 2012, TRENDnet initiated every effort to immediately respond to and resolve the threat. TRENDnet immediately released updated firmware which eliminated the published hack for all related product models. TRENDnet recalled all affected products and dedicated substantive resources to bring awareness to the need for a firmware update. Starting February 2012 and continuing through to the present, TRENDnet publicized IP Camera firmware update remedies through the media, through retail and distribution partners, through Internet service providers, and directly to end users. Additionally, TRENDnet forwarded a hack alert to over three hundred global internet service providers.

Hack Clarification

  • New camera firmware, published February 2012, eliminates the hack.
  • Cameras sold after February 2012 are not vulnerable to the hack.
  • Only select TRENDnet cameras sold between April 2010 and¬†February 2012 were affected. Cameras purchase before or after this period are not vulnerable to the hack.
  • Only a portion of TRENDnet’s camera portfolio was affected. A list of affected cameras can be found at: http://www.trendnet.com/support/
  • It is impossible to verify if all of the hacked cameras are from TRENDnet or from another brand.

IP Camera Firmware Updates

We invite all customers to verify if their camera is affected and to download new firmware at: http://www.trendnet.com/support/

Customers with any questions related to this issue, such as how to update firmware, are invited to contact TRENDnet at the following email: ipcam@trendnet.com

For more than 20 years, TRENDnet has built a reputation of offering trusted, security IP camera solutions to consumers worldwide. We have worked hard to create a brand delivering network solutions that people trust. TRENDnet extends its deepest apologies to consumers which may be impacted by this hack. We continue to make every effort to regain your trust.

TRENDnet Management