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Critical Firmware Update: New IP Camera Firmware Eliminates Security Threat
TRENDnet (2/6/2012)

TRENDnet Firmware Update Status
TRENDnet has published updated firmware for all affected cameras. The new firmware takes minutes to install and eliminates the documented security threat.

TRENDnet IP Camera Vulnerability
For more than 20 years, TRENDnet has built a reputation for offering trusted, security IP camera solutions to thousands of consumers worldwide. We have worked hard to create a brand delivering network solutions that people trust.

However, we recently became aware of a vulnerability with several TRENDnet SecurView IP cameras purchased since April 2010. TRENDnet’s security team understands that video from some TRENDnet IP SecurView cameras may be accessed online in real time. Upon awareness of the issue, TRENDnet initiated immediate actions to correct and publish updated firmware which resolves the vulnerability.

Which Model Years May Have a Firmware Vulnerability?
TRENDnet SecurView Cameras bought between April of 2010 to the present may have a firmware vulnerability.

Which Cameras are Affected?

TV-IP110 (Version A1.0R) TV-IP312 (Version A1.0R)
TV-IP110W (Version A1.0R) TV-IP312W (Version A1.0R)
TV-IP110WN (Version V2.0R) TV-IP312WN (Version v1.0R)
TV-IP110WN (Version V1.0R) TV-IP322P (Version v1.0R)
TV-IP121W (Version A1.0R) TV-IP410 (Version A1.0R)
TV-IP121WN (Version v2.0R) TV-IP410W (Version A1.0R)
TV-IP121WN (Version v1.0R) TV-IP410WN (Version v1.0R)
TV-IP212 (Version A1.0R) TV-IP422 (Version A1.0R)
TV-IP212W (Version A1.0R) TV-IP422W (Version A1.0R)
TV-IP252P (Version B1.xR) TV-IP422WN (Version V1.0R)

Does New Firmware Fix the Reported Issue?

Yes. New firmware for all of the listed models is available at the following link: http://www.trendnet.com/downloads

TRENDnet is working to publish all outstanding firmware within the next 48 hours.

How can Consumers Contact TRENDnet?
TRENDnet has created the following dedicated email for all inquires related to this reported issue. Customers with any questions related to this issue such as how to update your camera’s firmware are invited to contact TRENDnet at the following email: ipcam@trendnet.com

TRENDnet extends its deepest apologies to consumers which may be impacted by this issue.

TRENDnet Management

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