TRENDnet Windows® 10 Product Support

With the release of Windows 10, TRENDnet is working tirelessly to ensure a smooth transition for our customers. We will be providing updates for selected TRENDnet products (with more to follow).

The products listed below have been verified Windows 10 compatible.

Remember to check back regularly, as new products and drivers will be added to the list as updates become available.

Update Date: 03/11/2016
Verified Windows 10 compatible

Model name Hardware Version(s) Windows 10 Update
TBW-106UB V2.0R Compatible (Driver & Utility)
TBW-107UB V2.0R Compatible (Driver & Utility)
TE100-ECFX V1.0R Compatible (Driver & Utility)
TE100-ECFXL V1.0R Compatible (Driver & Utility)
TE100-PCIWN V2.xR Compatible
TEG-ECSFP V2.0R Compatible (Driver & Utility)
TEG-ECSX V2.0R Compatible (Driver & Utility)
TEG-ECTX V2.0R Compatible (Driver & Utility)
TEG-PCITXR V3.0R Compatible
TEG-PCITXRL V3.0R Compatible
TE100-MFP1 utility V1.0R Compatible
TEW-726EC V1.0R Compatible
TEW-806UBH V1.0R Compatible
TEW-807ECH V1.0R Compatible
TEW-811DRU utility V1.0R Compatible
TEW-812DRU utility V1.0R/V2.xR Compatible
TEW-818DRU utility V1.0R Compatible
TEW-MFP1 utility V1.0R Compatible
TU2-ET100 V4.0R Compatible
TU3-ETG V1.0R Compatible
TV-ANAxxx NA Compatible
TV-LPRxxx NA Compatible
TV-VMxxx NA Compatible

Note: Products not listed below have reached End of Life. Please check with chipset manufacturer for possible Windows 10 drivers.