What are the telnet commands available for the TEW-510APB?

List of Access Point CLI commands:

add remoteWbr

-- Add a remote Wireless Bridge

config wlan

-- config wlanX

connect bss

-- connect to bssX

del acl

-- Delete Access Control List

del key

-- Delete Encryption key

del remoteWbr

-- Delete a remote Wireless Bridge

find bss

-- Find BSS

find channel

-- Find Available Channel

find all

-- Find All BSS


-- Software update via FTP

get acl

-- Display Access Control List

get aging

-- Display Aging Interval

get antenna

-- Display Antenna Diversity

get association

-- Display Association Table

get authentication

-- Display Authentication Type

get autochannelselect

-- Display Auto Channel Select

get beaconinterval

-- Display Beacon Interval

get burstSeqThreshold

-- Display Max Number of frames in a Burst

get burstTime

-- Display Burst Time

get channel

-- Display Radio Channel

get cipher

-- Display Encryption cipher

get config

-- Display Current AP Configuration

get countrycode

-- Display Country Code

get domainsuffix

-- Display Domain Name Server suffix

get dtim

-- Display Data Beacon Rate (DTIM)

get encryption

-- Display Encryption Mode

get fragmentthreshold

-- Display Fragment Threshold

get frequency

-- Display Radio Frequency (MHz)

get gateway

-- Display Gateway IP Address

get groupkeyupdate

-- Display Group Key Update Interval (in Seconds)

get hardware

-- Display Hardware Revisions

get hostipaddr

-- Display Host IP Address

get ipaddr

-- Display IP Address

get ipmask

-- Display IP Subnet Mask

get jsw

-- Display Jumpstart Mode

get jsP2PassPhrase

-- Display JS-P2 passphrase

get key

-- Display Encryption Key

get keyentrymethod

-- Display Encyrption Key Entry Method

get keysource

-- Display Source Of Encryption Keys

get layer2isolate

-- Display Layer 2 Isolation Mode

get radardetect

-- Display Layer 2 Isolation Mode

get ipreset

-- Display IPReset Mode

get login

-- Display Login User Name

get minimumrate

-- Display Minimum Rate

get nameaddr

-- Display IP address of name server

get operationMode

-- Display Operation Mode

get pktLogEnable

-- Display Packet Logging Mode

get power

-- Display Transmit Power Setting

get radiusname

-- Display RADIUS server name or IP address

get radiusport

-- Display RADIUS port number

get rate

-- Display Data Rate

get reg

-- Display the register contents at the given offset

get remoteAp

-- Display Remote Ap's MAC Address

get remoteWbr

-- Display configured Remote Wireless bridges

get rtsthreshold

-- Display RTS/CTS Threshold

get sntpserver

-- Display SNTP/NTP Server IP Address

get ssid

-- Display Service Set ID

get ssidsuppress

-- Display SSID Suppress Mode

get station

-- Display Station Status

get SuperG

-- Display SuperG Feature Status

get systemname

-- Display Access Point System Name

get telnet

-- Display Telnet Mode

get timeout

-- Display Telnet Timeout

get upsd

-- Display UPSD Mode

get uptime

-- Display UpTime

get vlan

-- Display VLAN Mode

get wirelessmode

-- Display Wireless LAN Mode

get wmm

-- Display WMM Mode

get wmmParamBss

-- Display WMM parameters used by STA in this BSS

get wmmParam

-- Display WMM parameters used by this AP

get wlanstate

-- Display wlan state


-- Display CLI Command List


-- Ping


-- Packet Log


-- Reboot Access Point


-- Run command file


-- Logoff

set acl

-- Set Access Control List

set aging

-- Set Aging Interval

set antenna

-- Set Antenna

set authentication

-- Set Authentication Type

set autochannelselect

-- Set Auto Channel Selection

set beaconinterval

-- Modify Beacon Interval

set burstSeqThreshold

-- Set Max Number of frames in a Burst

set burstTime

-- Set Burst Time

set channel

-- Set Radio Channel

set cipher

-- Set Cipher

set countrycode

-- Set Country Code

set domainsuffix

-- Set Domain Name Server Suffix

set dtim

-- Set Data Beacon Rate (DTIM)

set encryption

-- Set Encryption Mode

set factorydefault

-- Restore to Default Factory Settings

set fragmentthreshold

-- Set Fragment Threshold

set frequency

-- Set Radio Frequency (MHz)

set gateway

-- Set Gateway IP Address

set groupkeyupdate

-- Set Group Key Update Interval (in Seconds)

set hostipaddr

-- Set Host IP address

set ipaddr

-- Set IP Address

set ipmask

-- Set IP Subnet Mask

set jsw

-- Set Jumpstart Mode

set jsp2Passwd

-- Set JS-P2 password

set key

-- Set Encryption Key

set keyentrymethod

-- Select Encryption Key Entry Method

set keysource

-- Select Source Of Encryption Keys

set layer2isolate

-- Set Layer 2 Isolation Mode

set radardetect

-- Set RadarDetect Mode

set ipreset

-- Set IPReset Mode

set login

-- Modify Login User Name

set minimumrate

-- Set Minimum Rate

set nameaddress

-- Set Name Server IP address

set operationMode

-- Set operation Mode

set password

-- Modify Password

set passphrase

-- Modify Passphrase

set pktLogEnable

-- Enable Packet Logging

set power

-- Set Transmit Power

set radiusname

-- Set RADIUS name or IP address

set radiusport

-- Set RADIUS port number

set radiussecret

-- Set RADIUS shared secret

set rate

-- Set Data Rate

set reg

-- Set Register Value

set remoteAP

-- Set Remote AP's MAC Address

set rtsthreshold

-- Set RTS/CTS Threshold

set sntpserver

-- Set SNTP/NTP Server IP Address

set ssid

-- Set Service Set ID

set ssidsuppress

-- Set SSID Suppress Mode

set SuperG

-- Super G Features

set systemname

-- Set Access Point System Name

set telnet

-- Set Telnet Mode

set timeout

-- Set Telnet Timeout

set tzone

-- Set Time Zone Setting

set upsd

-- Set UPSD Mode

set vlan

-- Set VLAN Mode

set wlanstate

-- Set wlan state

set wirelessmode

-- Set Wireless LAN Mode

set wmm

-- Set WMM Mode

set wmmParamBss

-- Set WMM parameters used by STAs in this BSS

set wmmParam

-- Set WMM parameters used by this AP


-- Display Current Time of Day


-- Software version


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