Basic LAN Status Wireless Powerline Security Firmware

This page allows you to configure security for the wireless LAN interfaces.

RADIUS Server Type:      External RADIUS Server
RADIUS Server IP Address:     
RADIUS Port:     
RADIUS Key:     

RADIUS Server Type:      Internal Embedded RADIUS Server(EAP-MD5 for Authorization Only)
Embedded RADIUS Server:     
Embedded RADIUS IP Address:
Embedded RADIUS Port:      1812
Embedded RADIUS Username:      admin
Embedded RADIUS Password:     

Wireless Interface:     
Wireless 802.1x RADIUS Server        
Network Authentication:     
WPA Encryption:     
WEP Encryption:     
WPA Pre-Shared Key:     
Network Key 1:     
Network Key 2:     
Network Key 3:     
Network Key 4:     
Current Network Key:     
Network Key Rotation Interval: